Brazil has a total of 58 holidays in 2017. In the table below, you will find the details of the holidays and when they are observed. All the information display below is also available via our API as well as downaloadble as a csv or json file. Signup here to get started.

These dates may be modified as official changes are announced, so please check back regularly for updates or sign up for our newsletter to receive regular updates. All updates are automatically added to our API as well.

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Name of Holiday Day Date Type
Ano Novo Sunday January 1 public
Dia do evangélico Sunday June 18 public
Carnaval Saturday February 25 optional
Alusivo ao Dia Internacional da Mulher Wednesday March 8 public
Sexta-Feira Santa Friday April 14 public
Páscoa Sunday April 16 observance
Dia de Tiradentes Friday April 21 public
Dia do trabalhador Monday May 1 public
Dia das Mães Sunday May 14 observance
Dia dos Namorados Monday June 12 public
Aniversário do estado Thursday June 15 public
Corpo de Deus Thursday June 15 optional
Dia dos Pais Sunday August 13 observance
Dia da Amazônia Tuesday September 5 public
Dia da Independência Thursday September 7 public
Nossa Senhora Aparecida Thursday October 12 public
Dia de Finados Thursday November 2 public
Proclamação da República Wednesday November 15 public
Assinatura do Tratado de Petrópolis Friday November 17 optional
Noite de Natal Sunday December 24 optional
Natal Monday December 25 public
Véspera de Ano Novo Sunday December 31 optional
São João Saturday June 24 public
São Pedro Thursday June 29 public
Emancipação política Saturday September 16 public
Morte de Zumbi dos Palmares Monday November 20 public
Elevação do Amazonas à categoria de província Tuesday September 5 public
Dia da Consciência Negra Monday November 20 public
Dia de São José Sunday March 19 public
Criação do Território Federal Wednesday September 13 public
Independência da Bahia Sunday July 2 public
Data magna do estado Friday April 21 public
Fundação de Brasília Friday April 21 public
Dia do Evangélico Thursday November 30 public
Adesão do Maranhão à independência do Brasil Friday July 28 public
Assunção de Nossa Senhora Tuesday August 15 public
Imaculada Conceição Friday December 8 public
Criação do estado Thursday October 5 public
Adesão do Grão-Pará à independência do Brasil Tuesday August 15 public
Homenagem à memória do ex-presidente João Pessoa Wednesday July 26 public
Nossa Senhora das Neves Saturday August 5 public
Revolução Pernambucana de 1817 Sunday March 5 public
Nossa Senhora do Carmo Sunday July 16 public
Nossa Senhora da Conceição Friday December 8 public
Dia do Piauí Thursday October 19 public
Emancipação política do estado do Paraná Tuesday December 19 public
Nossa Senhora da Luz dos Pinhais Friday September 8 public
Dia de São Jorge Sunday April 23 public
Dia do Comércio Tuesday October 17 observance
Mártires de Cunhaú e Uruaçu Tuesday October 3 public
Proclamação da República Rio-Grandense Wednesday September 20 public
Dia de Santa Catarina Sunday August 13 public
Dia de Santa Catarina de Alexandria Sunday November 26 public
Emancipação política de Sergipe Saturday July 8 public
Revolução Constitucionalista Sunday July 9 public
Aniversário da Cidade Wednesday January 25 public
Autonomia do Estado Saturday March 18 public
Nossa Senhora da Natividade Friday September 8 public